Ring of 1944 year type

I present an exact copy of the 1944 totenkopfring (also famous as SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring, почетный перстень СС) with the ready made inscription inside the ring — S.lb. Wagner 21.6.44 H.Himmler or with any personal hande made engraving.

This is an exact (full-size) copy of the ss honor ring, released in 1944. This is the year in which the production of ss honor rings was stopped.

Totenkopring of the sample of the 40s received changes and differs from the rings of the sample of the 30s: a thicker strip of the ring (massive and barrel-shaped), the design of the skull is also changed. In the 44th ring, only the skull changed.

This instance has a scale comparable to the original ring of 1944, and, as always, quality detail. The gallery of works shows a comparison of the original and the copy I am making.
Below are the galleries of the original Don Boyle certificate ring.

P.S. After a careful study of the skull on this ring, I realized that there were teeth on the skull and after doing additional work, I also restored the image of the teeth on the skull.