Excelente copia del anillo SS

He encargado este anillo,cuando llegó estaba muy encantado. El anillo es muy chulo , y casi irreconocible del original. Estoy muy contento con el trabajo realizado con el anillo. Además la talla del dedo vino como yo pedí.Gracias Евгений Алешин


Excellente copie de l’anneau SS

very good copy of the SS totenkopf ring, the details are incredible, really good work.🤩🤩👍👌✌️


Super Arbeit👌👌

Super Arbeit Danke
Евгений Алешин

Peter Müller

Excellent repro SS Totenkopfring

It’s an excellent repro ring, the best in the market!

All the details and craftmanship are superb.

Also the attention and support from the master ring maker (Evgeniy) is awesome. He cares and help you throughout the whole process of making it, all the way to the shipment and right until you have it in your hands.

I’m extremely happy with my ring and I’ve been recommending it to all my friends here in Mexico and from abroad so they can come and buy their own.



Мой восторг

Здравствуйте господа!
Недавно получил по почте кольцо.
Через две — три недели получил еще одно кольцо.
Сказать что это отличная работа, — это не сказать ничего. Много разных колец держал в руках. Держал и ОРИГИНАЛ. Но то, что я получил от Евгения, — это просто шедевр. Я дотошный и очень требовательный (к качеству). Вот что я Вам всем скажу.
Великолепная ювелирная точность, изумительная проработка всех элементов, детализация — просто выше всяких похвал. Одно кольцо ношу, не снимая, другое водрузил на постамент в виде ……. Вы еще увидите мою работу.



It was very hard for me to find a SSHR Repro in a Size smaller than «9». When I found this page I could not believe that this is possible. Thank you very much for making a Ring in size «6». All details are clear und it looks very solid. Best Repro I have ever seen so far.


Исполнение — ЛЮКС

Получил почетное кольцо СС от Евгения. Нет слов… Такого качества исполнения я не встречал. Очень «опасная» копия))) Уверен, это мой не последний заказ. Рекомендую всем!


Superb SS Honor Ring Repro

The workmanship is excellent. The ring looks as good in real life as it does in Evgeniy’s photos. Evgeniy works hard to make certain the ring will be exactly as you want it, and, of course, the ring is made in exactly the size you specify.


SS honour Ring

The quality of my ring was far beyond expectation! its beautiful detail and personalized engraving is the best the market has to offer! i could not be any happier!! if you want quality craftsmanship at a fair price go no further!!


Хорошее кольцо

Очень качественно выполненное кольцо!


Beethoven, Mozart and now Evgeniy !!

The SS Totenkopf ring from Eugene is a truly classic masterpiece. 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. The best I’ve seen in 50 years! And, Master Goldsmith Eugene remains next to his clients from beginning to end — and he is FAST. His skill is incredibly good — perhaps better than the original period rings, which I have several times studied. So, if you want BETTER, do not look any further — here it is.

Karl Friedrich

this ring are very the

this ring is very good in the market: the details are fantastic, the work is absolutely first-rate ..


Master craftsman

This ring is really fantastic. There’s no word for it.
Evgeniy you’re the best !


Superbe travail…la bague est fabuleuse

Les détails sont impressionnants,réellement une très belle reproduction de la totenkopfring 😍
Je recommande fortement..

Guerchouch lyazid

Отличная работа!

Замечательная копия, лучшая из известных!
Спасибо за отличную работу!


Ein sehr schöner Ring

heute habe ich meinen Ring bekommen, er ist einfach nur noch schön. Die Eichenblätter sind fein ausgearbeitet, die Inschrift so wie ich wollte. Der Service von Evgeniy Aleshin ist perfekt. Ich kann jedem, der einen solchen Ring möchte , nur empfehlen diesen hier zu kaufen. Vielen Dank Evgeniy Aleshin für den tollen schönen ring:-) Der Ring ist so, wie auf den Bildern von der Webseite gezeigt. Einzig die Lieferung dauert etwas lang, Ursache ist aber hier die Post .

Today I got my ring, he is just beautiful. The oak leaves are finely worked out, the inscription as I wanted. The service of Evgeniy Aleshin is perfect. I can recommend anyone who wants such a ring, only to buy this here. Thank you very much Evgeniy Aleshin for the great beautiful ring 🙂 The ring is as shown in the pictures from the website. Only the delivery takes a long time, but the cause is the post office.


Fantastic, just like the real thing

What a pleasure it was dealing with Evgeniy who is a true craftsman. I have tried for years to obtain an accurate repro of the Honour Ring from various other sources, but all of these have been inferior and a waste of time. Nothing can compare with the rings made by Evgeniy who is a true artist. Thanks again maestro.

Tommy Coia

Exquisite craftsmanship!

A truly superb ring that is as close to original as one could ask for. Excellent attention to detail, very helpful and a pleayto do business with.


Travail d’excellence

Un très bon travail, une finition soignée, une gravure parfaite. Merci


Very nice ring!

heute habe ich meinen totenkopfring erhalten, wie bestellt ohne inschrift und in 22mm ringgröße.
der ring ist super in den details und hat eine spitzen qualität und das zu einem preis unter 90 euro!
eine super alternative zum original. meiner meinung nach die beste repro derueiz auf dem markt.
danke aus germany


Very Nice Repro

These are very nice copy rings if you are looking for one to wear and the outside of the ring is very close to the originals.

Don Boyle

Great ring!

Very nice and real comfortable to wear great fit.


great works!

Just received my TK +Wolfsangel. Very impressed. Being the owner of an original TK ring too I can confirm this was made with great accuracy.

Well done


SS Honour Ring

My Ring was delivered today and it’s perfect a work of art. I would recommend Evgeniy to anybody who want a quality item and a fair deal. A gentleman to do business with thank you so much.
Graham North

Graham North


Just got my ring today. And it is the closest to an original iv ever seen. Well worth the wait.
communication throughout the process was great.
this is a work of art


SS Ring mit Grűnen Steinenu

Wirklich die beste Arbeit was ich je an repro Gesehen habe. Danke

Matthias Müller

Sehr gut gemachte Kopie 🤘

Wer sich für ein aussergewöhnliches Schmuckstück dieser Art begeistern kann ist hier genau richtig. Die Abwicklung der Bestellung war tadellos, zu der Qualität haben sich meine Vorredner bereits zur genüge ausgelassen 😉
Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.


Top !!!!!!

Ein wunderschöner Ring. Noch nie habd ich eine Kopie bessesen die derart hochwertig ist. Einfach nur Traumhaft, jedem zu empfehlen 😍👍🏻👍🏻

Thank you Evgeniy 🤗


Качество жара. Евгений мастер своего

Качество жара. Евгений мастер своего дела. Носить необходимо черепом во внутрь!


Волчий крюк

Выполнено очень качественно. Хорошая работа. Я заказывал разные перстни и кольца но это просто офигенно сделано. Рекомендую. Евгений хороший мастер. Человек занимается именно своими делом.


Der beste Ring den es zu kaufen gibt!

Ich bin von der Originalität und der Detailgetreue des Ringes immer wieder begeistert.
Es gibt nichts besseres und ich kann nur jedem raten sich so ein Stück Geschichte zu holen.
Auch die Abwicklung und Beratung hat wunderbar funktioniert und ich kann Evgeniy gar nicht genug danken.
Klasse, weiter so.


Just beautiful ring

I love my ring worth the wait



Mine just arrived yesterday and have to say that details looks PERFECT and size is precise.
Thank you so much Евгений Алешин



Beautiful, Excellent repro

Evgeniy you are a true craftsman. My SS honour ring is perfect, your communication through out the purchase was great, custom engraving is just what I wanted. Thank you very much.


Superb Representation

Absolutely gorgeous ring . Cannot thank you enough. Will be ordering another very soon

Tom B


Ein sehr gelungener Ring. Top Arbeit. Würde ich immer wieder kaufen.👍👌



The very best repro I ever seen…!!! The ring is perfect in size and particulars. Mr. Evgeniy ALESHIN is a real MAESTRO…!!! He also take care of you from the moment of the order, during payment, since you receive the ART-WORK at home. Thanks a lot !!!


SS Ehrenring

The best repro of SS honor ring on the market. Beatiful price , great Evgeniy’s behaviour , perfect details of the ring and fast work makes 110 percent satisfaction. I can only praise ! 🙂


Amazing Work!!!

Habe gerade meinen Ring per Post erhalten. Sehr sorgfältig verpackt. Der Inhalt.. ja besser als das Original würde ich sagen. Bin sehr sehr zufrieden mit dem Meisterwerk von Evgeniy. Jederzeit wieder würde ich mit Ihm Geschäfte machen. Immer sehr schnell und freundlich geantwortet und mit Einschreiben mit Tracking Nummer verschickt.
Vielen Dank mein Freund!

Just recieved my Ring. A perfekt Masterpiece created by Evgeniy.
I am more than happy and It fits nearly perfect.
Thank you so much Evgeniy. Think i‘ll order the Wolf Ring soon.


Это лучшее, что я когда либо видел

Евгений, огромная благодарность за Ваш труд и прекрасную работу. Копия действительно потрясающа. Кольцо сделано с соблюдений всех , даже самых маленьких , деталей. Прекрасно сидит на пальце и удобно носится. Работа настоящих Профессионалов. Еще раз примите мою огромную благодарность.


Sepp Dietrich is «home again»…

This ring is first class of silver arts and craftsmanship!
Amazing — I really love it.

Thank you so much-I will recommend your work in german collector circles!!!



SS honor ring amazing detail and craftsmanship.

Great service and communication. This man is very skilled and reliable. He will email you with updates. Stand up guy.


Beautiful Work!

My ring just arrived in the mail, and I am very pleased to say that Mr. Aleshin is an excellent craftsman. The ring is absolutely beautiful! Although I am certainly not an expert on the Ehrenring, I have done enough research to know that this is a detailed, high-quality replica, and better than most that I have seen that are double the price of this one. Mr. Aleshin was also very helpful, detailed, and prompt in communication. The ring was completed faster than I expected. The fit is perfect. I am very happy with this purchase. It will not be the last!


Excellent repro

He is an artist



It took 10 days to ship to Australia. A beautiful product and Evgeniy’s customer support was excellent!


Perfectly made copy!!!

Very well made copy of the well known SS Totenkopfring. Thank you very much sir.
Well done!!! Congrats…!


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