Ring of 1941 year type

Introducing the 1941 ring model(also famous as SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring, почетный перстень СС)with the ready made inscription inside the ring — S.lb. Walter 21.12.41 H.Himmler or with any personal hande made engraving.

This is an exact copy of the original ring, which came in 1941.

The rings of the sample of the 40s received changes and differ from the rings of the sample of the 30s: a thicker band of the ring (massive and barrel-shaped), the design of the skull also changed to a larger one.

This instance has a scale comparable to the original ring of 1941, and as always, high quality detail.

Below are the galleries of the original rings and copies.


Ring of 1941 year type