Our price:
1)standard ss honor ring repro(SS-Ehrenring), with ready-made inscription S.lb. Geil 20.4.37 H.Himmler - 100$ (88 euro)
2)ss honor rings honor ring repro(SS-Ehrenring) without inscription(blank ring) - 100$ (88 euro)
3)ss honor ring repro(SS-Ehrenring) with any inscription (your name or any other) - 130$ (114 euro)
4)install stones in eyes socket of skull (ss honor ring, SS-Ehrenring, totenkopf ring), colors available (red, green, black, white) - 30$ (26 euro)
5)wolf-hook (wolfsangel) ring - 50$ (45 euro)
6)shipping to USA - 7$, to Europe - 6,20 €
We produce ANY sizes that you need, the price remains unchanged !!!
Material - sterling silver (925).
Here you make out your order, you must specify your data. In the "Notes" field, you need to specify the size of the ring, quantity and
which ring you want to buy. Making an order takes 6-7 days.
I contact you by e-mail and give my details for payment, I accept, MoneyGram CLICK HERE, bank transfer and Western Union, very easy online way, for payment from debit and credit cards CLICK HERE .
We will discuss the payment option by e-mail. I do not accept payments through PayPal !