SS honor ring

I present to you the exact and high-quality copy of the SS honor ring (SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring), with the inscription inside the ring — Rapparlie 20.4.37 H.Himmler. The original ring was examined and certified by Don Boyle, an expert on the award rings of the SS. This original ring was carefully copied ..

Next, I'll show you the original honor SS ring (also famous as SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring, почетный перстень СС), with the inscription inside the ring - Rapparlie 20.4.37 H.Himmler, its details and the state of all the elements. As you can see, about 35% of the ornament ring, it was lost ...

Work was carried out to restore areas lost in the process of wearing the ring, they were restored with special care and accuracy.
You can be sure of looking at the photo session comparing the original ring and my copy. The surname is specially changed in the copy ( Geil 20.4.37 H. Himmler). Otherwise, this copy is 100% authentic to the original ring.

So what is this copy, better than the rest?
Themselves are frequent and the usual problems of copies of SS honor ring (SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring, почетный перстень СС), this is not the correct skull, signs in which runes are placed, with distortions, the leaves are only approximately similar.
And also, in my opinion, the most basic problem of all copies is that they become smaller than the original ring in the manufacturing process: the size of the skull, the runes and the size of the ring itself decreases. In this copy of the data there are no problems, the ring is completely identical in size to the original ring.
In this ring there are no these problems, it completely repeats the original: it contains the correct sequence, all elements of the ring without distortion, and most importantly, that the ring is of the same size as the original. In this you can be sure to look at the photo comparison session of the original honor ring SS (SS-Ehrenring, SS-totenkopfring, почетный перстень СС) and a copy...